What Defines A Social Media Expert

Before you spend money on a social media expert, you should really ask.. What is a social media expert anyways? You might actually be looking for a marketing person with social media skills.

6 Features Facebook Should Already Have In Place

Facebook wants to rule us, our lives and for the mass majority of us it does. Raise your hand if you check Facebook multiple times a day? We have welcomed the site into our lives and we have given our lives back. Pictures, videos and status updates flood our feeds on a hourly basis.

Website Update

Whoa, it’s been awhile since my last update. That needs to change and it will. The goal is to put out 3-4 new articles a week. We will see if that happens that really soon

A Digg Patriot’s Rebuttal

I was just contacted through this site by a person calling himself “Minarchian Minarchian” (yes that’s two words) He wanted me to post his rebuttal to the Digg Patriot story that broke out and caused havoc in the Digg World a couple weeks ago.

The Geosocial Universe – Infographic

I was recently contacted by Simon Owens about a very interesting infographic (shown above) that was designed by Jess3. Some of the creativity/time put into these graphics is astounding to me and they are becoming more and more popular.