Dear Chevy, Stop Giving Away Cars to MVP’s

You might read that title and think “Joe, You’re just jealous”.  Well, you could be right.  But I have a hunch the majority of people had the same feeling when Super Bowl MVP,  Malcom Smith was given a brand new Chevrolet 2014 High Country Silverado.  “Why would they give a free truck to a guy […]

Why Groupon And Foursquare Should Mate

Groupon and foursquare have their strengths and weaknesses. But where each other lacks the other excels in. Which makes a perfect match for each other. If they ever mated, they would form a great team and possible save their existence. Let’s take a look at what each other offers.

foursquare Ambassador Program Released To The Public

The popular check-in social media tool, foursquare has just opened up their Ambassador Program to the public. The Ambassador Program was released to a select group of individuals late last year in an effort to boost venue participation. Find out some of the details.

Can Social Media Help Save You Money?

Can we use social media for financial help? Can it really help us save money, become more frugal, and help us be more successful with our money habits? There is a plethora of ways that we can use social media to help our pocket books. Here are just a couple, but I’m sure we can come up with some more!

Hackers Are Helping The Xbox Marketing And Development Depts.

Microsoft released their ever popular Wii killer called Kinect on November 4, 2010 and since then have sold millions of units. Getting great ratings on Amazon with 4.5 out 5 stars, this product seems to be doing really well. In recent news, hackers have been breaking the technology and using it for other needs. Take a look at how hackers have hacked their Kinects.